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LSVT BIG® Home Exercise Subscription for Certified Clinicians

LSVT BIG® Home Exercise Subscription for Certified Clinicians

Exercise Video

Get exclusive access to the
LSVT BIG exercise library
through Physiotec

The exercises are presented in high-quality, clear images and videos to help your clients achieve their goals. Access the seven core Maximal Daily Exercises in standard, adapted, seated and supine formats which you can easily mix and match. The library also includes functional skills and client reminders of how to apply amplitude to common activities.

Create custom home exercise programs for your LSVT BIG clients

Deepen your clients’ engagement and improve their outcomes by giving them what they need to succeed beyond their LSVT BIG therapy sessions. In seconds, you can build an individualized online home exercise program, featuring easy-to-follow instructional videos and tracking tools.

Exercise Phone App
Exercise Table App

Building personalized programs couldn’t be easier

Ready for a simple way to help your clients practice effectively and keep improving between visits? It’s virtually effortless with LSVT BIG exercises, which lets you put together exercise plans and share them with just a few clicks.

The platform is adaptable, allowing you to modify the text, adjust repetitions and mix and match positions as your clients improve.

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