Back 2 Normal offers physical therapy, performance and wellness services with expertise in orthopedics, sports medicine, manual therapy, pelvic health and rehabilitation. Our focus is a whole-body approach that targets the area of injury to achieve total body wellness. Our goal is to detect the true cause of injury and pain and offer quick and easy solutions that produce results. We deliver and excel in an approach that promotes healing, expedites recovery, maximizes performance, and accelerates pain relief.

The Back 2 Normal Institute is our education affiliate that provides continuing education courses in advanced manual therapy, sports biomechanics and movement pattern integration for physical therapists, physicians and other healthcare professionals. Course attendees will gain valuable skills by learning comprehensive and unique training strategies, which can be implemented to improve clinical outcomes and have a major impact on their client’s health and wellbeing. Courses can be customized for one-on-one training or clinic settings to meet individual or business goals. To learn more visit

Movement Restoration Module

Provides exercises that were originally developed by Mark Bookhout to compliment the continuing education manual therapy courses offered through the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI. The exercises are categorized by their intent and consist of self-mobilizing exercises for joint and/or neural dysfunctions, regional and specific self-stretches to address hypertonic muscles, exercises to facilitate awareness in muscles prone to inhibition in functional movement patterns and finally exercises that are interregional and based upon restoration of normal motor control for specific functional tasks.

Mark Bookhout and Lisa Chase worked together to create the movement restoration module through Rehab Links ( link – ) and continue to develop interactive online applications to bridge exercise, manual therapy and clinical algorithms to improve patient outcomes.

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