ClinicMaster & Physiotec
a winning combination
Practitioners assign home exercise programs to help their patients achieve desired outcomes. With that in mind, Clinicmaster has built a seamless integration with Physiotec, a comprehensive, ever-growing online database of rehabilitation exercise videos created by and for physical therapists and other healthcare professionals.
Our integration makes assigning exercise programs to patients so much easier

Access all Physiotec exercises without leaving Clinicmaster
  • Direct sign-on from Clinicmaster into Physiotec (no duplicate entries)
  • Physiotec exercises are automatically inserted in the Clinicmaster patient chart
  • Enhance the patient experience: Physiotec is integrated within the Clinicmaster client portal, providing patients with one point of access to all things related to their experience with your clinic

Better patient engagement - during and in between appointments
Patients can easily access, print and follow through the exercises assigned to them by their clinicians for better outcomes. Studies have shown that patients respond better to in-depth pictures and videos of exercises assigned.
Clinicmaster and Physiotec integration brings the best solution in patients’ hands to motivate them for a swift recovery.