Providing high-quality documentation and patient education with a seamless integration
Raintree and Physiotec provide an easy transition from in-clinic documentation, to patient education and home programs. Patient education can be added at any point during the patient visit, and a detailed PDF is automatically stored to the patient chart for reference.
Access and create Physiotec home programs at the click of a button

Simply launch the Physiotec integration from inside Raintree, and all of your patients’ details will be seamlessly and securely passed to Physiotec. No need to remember passwords or add any patient details.

Create Home Programs using linked activities directly from your treatment note
Using the unique activity-matching feature, a provider can select the items that will be transitioned from in-clinic treatment and add them to the patients home program, without having to search for the items they need. Quick and easy-to-use patient education with high-quality PDFs and video allow providers to focus on their patients, not their software.