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Presagia Sports’ Athlete EHR integrates with Physiotec to enable sports medicine professionals to better engage athletes with interactive exercise and rehabilitation programs. Physiotec programs automatically save in athletes’ health records, ensuring better recovery and rehabilitation outcomes.
Presagia Sports’ Key

Presagia Sports’ Athlete Electronic Health Record is cloud-based and mobile-friendly, giving you access to the athlete health data you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

Integrating Presagia Sports & Physiotec
Presagia Sports’ integration with Physiotec allows users to record and access exercise programs directly within an athlete’s Electronic Health Record.
With a simple click, users are seamlessly sent to Physiotec’s exercise library to create and modify programs.
All prescribed programs are available in an athlete’s Electronic Health Record and may be saved as a PDF directly from Presagia Sports, or viewed and modified in Physiotec.