Here at Physiotec, we understand that professionals also have educational needs. That is why we have joined forces with CE companies. Continuing education paired with Physiotec’s smart exercise technology is a powerful combination.

Whether it’s online or in-person courses you’re looking for, our CE company network has what you need. Learn more about our CEU partners below.


Physiotec collaborates with continuing education companies to offer a more complete service. Find the course you need today by visiting our partner sites.


Nashville, TN, USA

Partner since Partner since November 2018

Summit Professional Education and Physiotec are working together to bring you high-quality Continuing Education and HEP solutions. » Learn more

Unsere Plattform verfügt über modernste digitalen Schnittstellen zur Integration in andere Software und um die Anwendung so einfach wie möglich zu machen. Die Integration mit digitalen Praxisverwaltungen ermöglicht zum Beispiel die Erstellung eines Übungsprogramms direkt in der Patientenakte. Programme können dort auch bearbeitet oder als PDF abgelegt werden.


Wir arbeiten weltweit mit zahlreichen Anbietern von digitalen Praxis-Verwaltungen zusammen um unseren Kunden die Arbeit in mehreren Programmen so reibungslos wie möglich zu machen. Wir wissen dass jeder Klick und jede Sekunde zählt!


Quebec, Canada

Partner since 2011

Practitioners assign home exercise programs to help their patients achieve desired outcomes. With that in mind, Clinicmaster has built a seamless integration with Physiotec, a comprehensive, ever-growing online... » Learn more
Practice Pro

Skillman, NJ, USA

Partner since 2012

Seit knapp 10 Jahren arbeiten wir mit Practice Pro zusammen um unseren gemeinsamen Kunden den reibungslosen Wechsel zwischen den beiden Plattformen zu ermöglichen. » Learn more
Practice Perfect

Concord, ON, Canada

Partner since 2013

Practice Perfect is a fully integrated EMR software that ties into Physiotec. Many treatment plans include home exercise programs. » Learn more
MRX Solutions

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Partner since 2018

MRX Solutions is a complete clinic-management system designed to enhance the patient experience at your practice. We have teamed up with Physiotec to help you bring a fully integrated home exercise program... » Learn more

Bentleigh East, VIC, Australia

Partner since 2018

Synchronizing between Cliniko and Physiotec is simple. Whether you have one location or many, you are able to sync patients and their programs to Cliniko in a matter of steps. » Learn more

Belfast, UK

Partner since 2013

TM3 Practice Management Software aims to make clinic life easier for practitioners. With seamless and easy integration with Physiotec, you can provide a more interactive and complete treatment experience for your patients. » Learn more

Agoura Hills, CA, USA

Partner since 2018

With Casamba, Physiotec will be able to provide seamless integration of patient data and home exercise program information. Additionally, a single-sign-on solution makes for faster access with less margin for error. » Learn more

Temecula, CA, USA

Partner since 2013

Raintree and Physiotec provide an easy transition from in-clinic documentation, to patient education and home programs. Patient education can be added at any point during the patient visit, and a detailed PDF is automatically stored to the patient chart for reference. » Learn more

Montpellier, France

Partner since 2013

VEGA est un logiciel de gestion et de télétransmission pour les kinésithérapeutes. Notre partenariat avec PHYSIOTEC permet un accès direct à la banque d’exercices via le logiciel. Les clients VEGA peuvent ainsi accéder aux exercices du patient en un seul clic. » Learn more
CGM Oxygen

Oostende, Belgium

Partner since 2012

The collaboration between CompuGroup Medical and Physiotec was established in 2016. Thanks to Physiotec, CompuGroup Medical was able to implement exercise programs directly in its software. » Learn more

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Partner since 2017

Juvonno is the most comprehensive cloud-based EMR and clinic management software in Canada. Juvonno is proud to deliver easy access to home exercise programs and videos by Physiotec, directly from Juvonno’s system interface. » Learn more

Shipley, UK

Partner since 2019

e-clinic is the market-leading clinic management package. Our integration with Physiotec allows you to sync your patients quickly, as well as set up and view an exercise program by simply booking a physio related appointment. » Learn more

Montreal, Québec

Partner since 2018

MEDEXA: the simple, centralized, and affordable online multidisciplinary clinic management software. Electronic medical records, appointment management, schedule management, billing, detailed reports, and much more in a single program » Learn more
HORASOFT & Physiotec

Drummondville, Québec

Partner since 2020

Horasoft est un logiciel conçu et distribué par Programica. Située au centre du Québec, Programica est une entreprise qui développe des solutions logicielles contribuant à rendre les tâches administratives de ses clients utilisateurs plus aisées. » Learn more
Presagia Sports

Montreal, QC, Canada

Partner since 2013

Presagia Sports’ Athlete EHR integrates with Physiotec to enable sports medicine professionals to better engage athletes with interactive exercise and rehabilitation programs. » Learn more

Wellesley, MA, USA

Partner since 2018

MWTherapy prides itself on having a high-quality product and is proud to partner with Physiotec to provide a fully integrated Home Exercise Program (HEP) experience. » Learn more

Queensland, Australia

Partner since 2018

Nookal is the leading practice management software solution for the allied health industry. Nookal provides business owners, managers and health practitioners with patient-management tools and real-time... » Learn more

Staffordshire, UK

Partner since 2012

PPS integrates seamlessly with Physiotec, putting all of the essential tools at your disposal so that you can focus on treating your patients. » Learn more
Clinic Appointments


Partner since 2018

Clinic Appointments has integrated Physiotec services into its online customer portal, allowing clinics across the UK easy access to tailor-made programs for their patients. » Learn more

Portland, OR, USA

Partner since 2012

With Clinicient’s Insight EMR and Physiotec HEP integration, therapists can easily search and prescribe home exercises and capture the information in the patient record, allowing you to deliver and... » Learn more

Die enge Zusammenarbeit mit physiotherapeutischen Fachorganisationen und Fort-und Weiterbildungsorganisationen auf der ganzen Welt ermöglicht es uns fach-geprüfte Vorlagen und kurierte Übungen anzubieten.

Mit nur wenigen Mausklicks kannst du dich von speziellen Übungssammlungen z.B. der APPI inspirieren lassen oder eine Vorlage zur Rehabilitation nach einer Hüftoperation der AAOS auswählen.


Wir arbeiten mit weltweit anerkannten Experten aus dem Reha- und Trainingsbereich zusammen um unsere einzigartige Übungsdatenbank immer auf dem Neuesten Stand zu halten.

Back 2 Normal

St. Petersburg, FL

Partner since 2012

Back 2 Normal partnered with Physiotec to offer access to the Movement Restoration home exercise prescription module. The aim is to provide a wind range of exercises that complement manual therapy strategies allowing patients to restore movement and sustain results with self-care home exercise programs. » Learn more
Kinetic Control

Bristol, UK

Partner since 2012

Kinetic Control is a comprehensive system of movement education. Backed by 25 years of research and practice, it enhances clinicians’ skills in identifying movement patterns and delivering targeted interventions to address clinical presentations » Learn more
The Performance Matrix

Bristol, UK

Partner since 2012

TPM Pro is a movement screening system which helps physiotherapists to assess their clients’ movement patterns and deliver retraining programmes for enhanced Movement Health. » Learn more

Great Neck, NY, USA

Partner since 2013

A pioneer in the field of pelvic health, Marilyn has presented nationally and internationally to professionals, students and the public. She is highly regarded as a consultant, and has been published... » Learn more
Graston Technique LLC

Indianapolis, IN, USA

Partner since 2017

Graston Technique® utilizes the Physiotec exercise platform to provide high-quality exercise instruction to clinicians at training, and to their patients back in the treatment room. » Learn more

Chesterfield, UK

Partner since 2015

SpineCor is the leading dynamic treatment solution for managing scoliosis and hyperkyphosis in children and adults. Patients enjoy unlimited access to live videos of their SpineCor scoliosis exercises... » Learn more
Pace Rehab

Cheshire, UK

Partner since 2018

Pace Rehabilitation teamed up with Physiotec to produce a comprehensive group of exercises directed at lower limb amputees. The aim was to provide a wide range of exercises suitable for both prosthetic... » Learn more

Wellington Road, London

Partner since 2012

APPI is a world leader in Pilates Teacher Training programs. Our highly accredited programs are recognised all over the world for their scientifically researched base and high-quality instruction. » Learn more
Cynthia Cooper

Carlsbad, CA, USA

Partner since 2014

Cynthia Cooper, MFA, MA, OTR/L, CHT, is a clinician, author, researcher, and educator. She has numerous publications and is the editor of the first two editions of the hand therapy textbook... » Learn more
Shift Concussion

Guelph, ON Canada

Partner since 2017

Shift Concussion Management has partnered with Physiotec to offer Shift members access to a concussion-specific home exercise prescription module. Access to this module allows members to build, print... » Learn more

Montreal, Canada

Partner since 2009

Emovi is a medical device company that develops and commercializes products for knee joint assessment in order to restore patients’ quality of life. Its core product, KneeKG, is the first in-clinic device that meets the global need for knee function /dynamic alignment assessment.For nearly 10 years, Physiotec has been Emovi's partner in providing therapeutic options following a Knee Kinesiography with KneeKG. » Learn more
Bookhout Seminars

Minneapolis, MN

Partner since 2012

Bookhout Seminars partnered with Physiotec to offer access to the Movement Restoration home exercise prescription module. » Learn more
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