Stay ahead in the field of rehabilitation and therapy by incorporating the latest technology into your curriculum. In this blog post, discover how to effectively integrate a Home Exercise Program (HEP) software tool like Physiotec into your teaching, creating a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for your students.

How to Incorporate an HEP into Your Curriculum


Start by ensuring your students understand what HEP is and the benefits it offers.


That require designing tailored exercise programs for specific patient condition.This hands-on approach will deepen their understanding and bridge the gap between theory and practice.


By asking students to explain their exercise selection process, ensuring thorough comprehension.

The Importance of Tracking Patient Progress

Emphasize the significance of tracking patient progress and updating exercise programs accordingly. Acknowledge that resources for tracking may vary, but stress the importance of adaptability in patient care. Highlight how exercise programs promote progress and effectively manage changes in a patient’s condition.

Comprehensive Assessment of Practical Skills

Assess students’ understanding of therapeutic exercises by evaluating their exercise program designs and rationales. This holistic assessment reinforces the connection between theory and application, providing a comprehensive understanding of their practical skills.

Save Class Time with Physiotec

Physiotec eliminates the need for manual exercise descriptions, saving you valuable class time. This means more time for interactive discussions, hands-on practice, and reinforcing theoretical concepts.

Incorporating Physiotec into your rehabilitation and therapy curriculum equips your students with essential skills for designing effective exercise programs. Create a comprehensive learning experience through hands-on practice, critical thinking exercises, and collaborative learning. Prepare your students for future roles as therapists by familiarizing them with a tool commonly used in clinical settings. Enhance their theoretical knowledge while reinforcing practical application, all with the help of Physiotec.

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